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Original Artwork Portraying Rhoda Stanley
Dell covers - page 1
Dell covers - page 2
Dell covers - page 3
Dell covers - page 4
Dell covers - page 5
Probably 3 more
Other covers A-L
Other covers M-Z
Beacon covers - unconfirmed
Uni covers - unconfirmed
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           I'm Darrell Wolcott, a collector of select vintage paperback books.  While Robert Stanley drew many other pulp covers, I chose only those featuring his wife Rhoda for my collection.  I have tried to locate all the paperbacks where she was the model for the cover lady in his paintings, but they are probably others I missed.  It is also quite possible some of those I chose actually feature a different lady model or were not even Robert Stanley's work.
           Several of the Stanley paintings appear on more than one book cover, so there are fewer actual drawings than there are covers.  But Rhoda certainly appears on more than 200 covers, although the face of the lady is not always fully shown.  I do not collect pulp magazines, so did not attempt to find cases where she may be the model on those covers.
          If you know of other vintage paperbacks where she served as her husband's model, or do not agree that one or more of the covers on this site belong in my Rhoda Stanley collection, please feel free to contact me at DarrellWTexas@aol.com
          Should you Google my name, I am also the Darrell Wolcott who researches Welsh history at www.ancientwalesstudies.org and who owns the world's largest collection of autographs of contestants who have appeared on the RealityTV Show "Survivor" which is displayed at www.DarrellWTexas.com