Rhoda Stanley, Good Girl Art model

Probably 3 more

Original Artwork Portraying Rhoda Stanley
Dell covers - page 1
Dell covers - page 2
Dell covers - page 3
Dell covers - page 4
Dell covers - page 5
Probably 3 more
Other covers A-L
Other covers M-Z
Beacon covers - unconfirmed
Uni covers - unconfirmed
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Cover 1:  Since Rhoda was a classical ballet dancer, the silhouettes shown here were probably posed by her.  The artist was definately her husband, Robert
Cover 2:  While the lady on this cover appears only in gray silhouette, we suspect it was Rhoda who modeled her.  It is a Robert Stanley painting
Cover 3:  The characters in this novel required a black lady for the cover, but we think the model was Rhoda and know the artist was Robert